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The difference between GOOD SEO companies and BAD SEO companies

Here is a great article listing red flags when choosing your SEO agency. Check out #1 and #5 especially. See the list...

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A New, Click-less World

In the 10+ years of designing web user interfaces, I've never asked myself, "should they have to click on things to navigate this site?". That's what we know and how it's always worked: you click something, you get something. The people at dontclick.it have developed an interface which doesn't require one single click to navigate the site.  It's more of a research project which records all of your mouse movements and clicks–which by the way you get punished for. This could be another radical UI concept that fizzles...

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Your Yelp Reviews Never Sounded Better

Stumbling upon a negative Yelp review about your business can be unsettling, aggravating and downright the worst. Gotta Kid to Feed Productions has published a YouTube channel with videos of seasoned actors and award-winning narrators reading real Yelp reviews of actual businesses. If you had to discover a negative review one way or another, wouldn't it be nice to this way? Start watching >

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A Creative 404 Page Design

There is nothing more annoying than getting an error when you click through to a website. The last thing you want is to create a negative experience for your website's visitors. Designing a good 404 "Not Found" error page is a good way to ease back on your users' frustration meter, which will increase the likelihood of them sticking around for a few more pageviews.  The North Face took their 404 Error Page to the next level by adding a little humor to an otherwise aggravating situation. Instead of screaming, "ERROR WILL...

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SEO is Changing… Time to Diversify Your Content

From Penguin to Panda – 24 Panda updates to be exact – Google is upping their ranking standards. It's not about links and meta tags so much as it is about content diversity, accessibility and freshness of content. When it comes down to it, Google is all about user experience and wants to make sure that every search result they display to be just that. Google's search algorithm isn't just favoring websites that have the most off page content and links, they are looking for the most useful,...

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WordPress website getting hacked?

Not too long ago, a few of  our clients' WordPress websites were the victims of brute force attacks, which is when a hacker uses software which systematically checks all possible combinations of characters in the password, until they are granted access. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn't come with any basic defenses to avoid such an attack. I tried a few security plugins that protect your site against brute force attacks – the one stuck out was Limit Login Attempts. It's extremely easy to use and lightweight and has some key features:...

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