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Ryan is, you guessed it, yet another University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate (Spring, 2017) who joined the EMSC team in January after a year and a half at another agency. He is enjoying life at EM and enthusiastic to grow his knowledge of the digital marketing universe and bring forth smart solutions to clients. Ryan grew up in both Chicago and Madison and in addition to cheering for the Badgers is a Bears, Hawks, Bulls, and St. Louis Cardinals fanatic. Ryan spends his free time running, mixing in a Netflix or HBO show here and there, traveling as much as possible, and trying to take advantage of all that Chicago has to offer.

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20th November 2019

More About Responsive Search Ads

Ryan Wall

You may remember a newsletter from us a few months back that introduced responsive search ads, or you may already be aware of the responsive […]

16th July 2019

How Google Determines Search Results

Ryan Wall

Google’s ranking algorithm follows three steps in generating search results: crawling the internet, indexing the web pages it finds – which means understanding what a […]

26th February 2019

Are You Using Remarketing? You Should Be.

Ryan Wall

At one point or another, we’ve all found ourselves browsing a company’s site and contemplating purchasing a good or service, only to decide that it’s […]

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