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Scout graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism in the Spring of 2016 and moved to Chicago shortly thereafter to start a job at EMSC.

She previously worked in the editorial field but decided to pursue a career in digital marketing due to its ever-evolving nature. Scout is Google AdWords certified and most enjoys working on PPC campaigns. Scout loves traveling, podcasts, and tennis and is the tallest woman in the office at a towering 5’5″.

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28th December 2017

Lesser-Known Search Rank Factors

Scout Inman

The Information Age, otherwise known as the Digital Age, has ushered in a new approach to marketing. Today, digital marketing has a strong foothold in […]

22nd November 2016

Social Media, the Election, and What We Learned

Scout Inman

It is no secret the scale of impact that social media has on influencing public opinion. The internet is a black hole of information and […]

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