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Store Visits Conversion in Google Ads

Are Store Visits Important to Your Business? If visits to a physical store like a car dealership, office, hotel, or store are...

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3 Common PPC Mistakes Beginners Make

At EM Search Consulting, we work with a number of small businesses who are either just getting started with PPC or who...

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Where Should I Allocate My Budget?

There are so many marketing platforms online that it can feel overwhelming trying to decide where to spend your budget. You only...

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What Local Businesses Need To Know About Google Knowledge Panel

If you use Google, you have more than likely come across the Google Knowledge Panel without even knowing. The Knowledge Panel is...

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Professional Photography Means More Business

All-too-often, we run into businesses that fail to see the value in professional photography for their websites. We find sites with outdated...

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5 Cardinal Rules of Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media for Marketing Social media is one of the absolute best online tools available to marketers today. Each platform has its own affordances and best practices as far as marketing goes, but all of them have some basic rules that marketers should follow. Content on social media should be… Visual Regardless of what platform you’re posting to, odds are you can include visuals. Rarely would I ever post ANYTHING without some sort of visual element. I don’t just mean pictures, either. Get creative with it… don’t...

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How Can Pokémon Go Benefit Your Business?

July 6, 2016 marks the launch of the biggest mobile game in history: Pokémon Go. The mobile app now has more active users than Twitter spending more time playing than time spent on Facebook. It is hard to walk around the city of Chicago without seeing at least 5 active Pokémon players. It is fair to say that the Pokémon Go phenomenon is sweeping across the country. But game players may not be the only ones getting on the action - business owners are finding ways to benefit...

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Using RLSAs Intelligently

Remarketing Remarketing is a powerful tool that has come a long way. It allows us as businesses to capture some of the most valuable eyes browsing the web—those who have already viewed our sites and products. Early remarketing was known to have its flaws, but luckily the technology at Google AdWords has improved over the years. Google introduced RLSAs, or Remarketing Lists for Search Ads so that businesses could more intelligently target their remarketing efforts. RLSAs allow us to segment our audiences and customize our remarketing solutions for...

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Twitter’s New Algorithmically Sorted Timeline

For many new users, Twitter feels like speaking into a black hole in outer space. New users typically do not have many followers, and tweets are greeted with silence. The unsorted reverse chronological feed makes joining the Twitter world a tough task for new users. Twitter users were picky about who to follow, not wanting to bury their favorite accounts tweets within their feed. This made it tough for for new Twitter users to accumulate a following. Twitter believes its new algorithmically sorted timeline could solve its growth...

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