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Google’s Search Document Leak: 11 Ranking Factors to Pay Attention to

In March 2024, the SEO community discovered an unprecedented leak of documents that originate from Google’s internal Content API Warehouse. This cache...

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Just In: Long-Form Content

By now, we all understand the importance of content in helping your business thrive. But how long does content need to be...

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Are You Using Remarketing? You Should Be.

At one point or another, we’ve all found ourselves browsing a company’s site and contemplating purchasing a good or service, only to...

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The Importance of Review Management Software

When’s the last time that you willingly purchased a good or service from a company that has negative reviews? If you answered...

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Website Speed & SEO

You’ve heard of site speed, but do you know exactly what it is? Site speed reports how fast users can view and...

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The Art of Distribution

You’ve done the heavy lifting when it comes to writing a blog or developing new information, so why let that information live...

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Parent-Focused Advertising

As the only mom in the office, I feel obliged to take on the task of writing about how our company can...

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Do SEO Right Now

 Put quite simply:  SEO works. This is a very point blank reason but it's entirely true. As of right now, Google processes roughly three and a half billion (that’s billion, with a ‘B’) searches each and every day.  With those kinds of numbers, it’s tough to argue against that ranking in Google's search results offers a valuable opportunity to get you more visitors to your website. This is very important because an increase in traffic means an increase in opportunities for you to convert visitors into new sales...

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New Google Search Algorithm Update

Recently, Google updated their ranking algorithm that will have an impact on your pages’ ad rankings. As your digital marketing company in Chicago, EM Search Consulting is working to update our clients’ sites to ensure performance is maximized. What are the Biggest Changes? Google is now factoring mobile page speed and landing page performance into consideration when determining your page’s quality score. While Google has always used site speed as part of its ranking algorithm, in the past it was only focused on desktop searches. Now, page speed...

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Online Reviews: Get on Board

With the rise of native advertising, suspicious social media content, and more phone and email scams than we can count, consumers are...

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Social Media Marketing: What’s the Big Deal?

There are one million new active users on social media every day. In 2017 alone, there were 2.80 billion social media users...

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The Importance of Call Tracking For Your Business

The Importance of Call Tracking For Your Business Online activity tracking is a staple for marketers and business owners in our current...

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Lesser-Known Search Rank Factors

The Information Age, otherwise known as the Digital Age, has ushered in a new approach to marketing. Today, digital marketing has a...

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New Google Home Service Ads Coming to Chicago

If you are a Chicago home service provider, you know how important it is to display your business in a reputable way....

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User Experience Can Make All The Difference

Whether you run a small local startup or a giant well-known company, your end goal is often the same – giving your...

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Benefits of a Customized Website

I think we can all agree that having a website that properly represents you is essential in 2017. While there are a...

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Importance of Website Content

There are multiple things that have an effect on your website’s ability to rank well and be found for searches. This blog...

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What Is Your SEO Company Doing For You?

During my conversations with small business owners, I am often surprised with how often they are unaware of the work being done on their behalf by their SEO companies. A vast majority of business owners understand the importance of having their website rank well for relevant search terms in their industry, but very few of them are able to tell me exactly what work is being done in order to accomplish this. “I’ve got people working on that” is a common claim. But when pressed to explain what...

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Google vs Bing Organic Rankings

Lately we have seen a lot of ranking discrepancies between Google and Bing so we have done some digging to attempt to...

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Google Certified Partners In Chicago

EM Search Consulting is proud to be a Google certified partner. For the past several years we have been certified in adwords, analytics, display advertising and much more. This means we have taken all the test and passed all the proper protocol to run intelligent internet marketing programs for our clients. We are also proud to announce that we rank in the top 5% of all Google partners across the United States. This means that when you hire us to manage your pay-per-click advertising you know you are...

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SEO For Dentists In Chicago

SEO for dentists in Chicago is something EM Search Consulting, Inc. has been doing for over three years. With our clients we have achieved huge increases in both traffic, leads and quality new patients. In this blog post we will go over some of the most important things to consider when trying to optimize your dental practice. 1) The first thing to consider is what you want to rank well for organically. Every dentist we have met with tells me they want to rank #1 on Google for...

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How to Solicit Reviews With Google Plus

If your business is like most businesses then you have probably tried (and possibly failed) to solicit more positive reviews online. Everyone knows that Yelp is a tough review site to crack so you may have tried Google+. Google+ is great because all it requires is a gmail and your customers don't need to have written countless reviews for their glowing sentiment about you to be shown. However, you may have been going about it incorrectly. If you send any type of email marketing or social marketing with...

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Local Business Listing Power

Verifying your local business listing is one of the most important steps you can take when trying to increase your online exposure. Not only is it important from a business branding standpoint but it is also very important when it comes to search engine optimization. Many clients have been asking me what to do and how to make sure these pages are optimized properly. Below are some of the most important steps to take when it comes to optimizing your local business listing. If you haven't yet claimed your...

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The difference between GOOD SEO companies and BAD SEO companies

Here is a great article listing red flags when choosing your SEO agency. Check out #1 and #5 especially. See the list...

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Local Chicago SEO

Local SEO has become increasingly important over the past few years and has also become increasingly complicated. It seems that Google in particular has really started to put an end to "junk links" and irrelevant content. Local SEO has shifted and given way to the things that consumers care about when making a local buying decision. Reviews, complete local business listings, efficient social media campaigns and a site that is informational and user friendly has slowly taken the place of fictitious links and tactics like burying zip codes...

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Google’s Truth

Before I start this blog I am well aware that I am not concentrating on specific SEO tactics in this entry. The purpose is not to teach you how to do SEO or convince you of my ability. It is simply my take on all the SEO talk I have been reading lately. I have been in the SEO industry for nearly six years and am getting tired of all the white noise associated with Google’s algorithmic changes. The reason I say that is because Google’s ideals have...

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