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How to Solicit Reviews With Google Plus

If your business is like most businesses then you have probably tried (and possibly failed) to solicit more positive reviews online. Everyone knows that Yelp is a tough review site to crack so you may have tried Google+. Google+ is great because all it requires is a gmail and your customers don’t need to have written countless reviews for their glowing sentiment about you to be shown. However, you may have been going about it incorrectly. If you send any type of email marketing or social marketing with the hopes of generating more positive reviews don’t just send the link to your google plus page, send it instead to a pop up that prompts the person to write a review without having to do any extra leg work (like find and click that tiny pencil in the lower left had corner that no one knows means write a review). There is a neat trick you can master by liking any solicitation you are sending to your “About” section of your Google+ page and then adding “&review+1” to the very end of the url. So, if you are embedding a link in a Google+ image or just sending along the link make sure to add that to the URL and the box to write a review will magically pop open. The best part is if it was in an email your prospect is already signed in and only needs to click 5 stars and they are done. How cool is that. See the link for a screenshot example of just how easy it is. Google Plus Link

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