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Microsoft Ads

Many marketers believe Microsoft Ads and Google Ads are an “either/or” decision, but they actually work most effectively hand-in-hand.

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Microsoft Ads

It’s no secret that Google dominates the search engine world. However, what many advertisers don’t realize is that Google Ads is definitely not the only platform worth investing in.

The Microsoft Network is growing, and, most importantly, currently reaches at least 63 million searchers that cannot be reached through Google Ads.

What Exactly is Microsoft Ads?

Microsoft is made up of three search engines: Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. When you run a campaign on one of these platforms, your ads can be seen across all three, including any sites that are owned and operated by Bing, Yahoo, or AOL. This creates a huge opportunity for your ads to be displayed on sites across the web.

Microsoft Ads works similarly to other platforms in that it is pay-per-click, and designed to help advertisers increase their revenues by targeting specific audiences and driving traffic to their website. Microsoft Ads can be configured to allow customers to call you, head directly to your site, or visit your business location.

Who Uses Microsoft?

This may have been your first question, and you may be surprised to learn that tons of people use Microsoft for search. In fact, 136 million unique searchers use the Microsoft Network, conducting a total of 5.4 billion searches monthly. The Microsoft Network is growing, and although Google still dominates the search engine world, Microsoft now has 34% of the desktop search engine market worldwide.

The Microsoft Network reaches an older audience, with 75% of users being over the age of 35. Microsoft searchers also have significant buying power. 50% of Microsoft users have an average household income of over $75,000, and a little over 30% have an average household income of over $100,000.

By using Microsoft Ads, you have the opportunity to target a specific demographic of older, more educated consumers. Overall, the Microsoft Network allows you to expand your reach and to produce better results than with Google Ads alone.

Why Invest in Microsoft Ads?

Again, when only focusing your advertising efforts on Google Ads, you are missing out on 63 million consumers who cannot be reached through this platform. Not only does Microsoft Ads create a great opportunity to reach unique searchers, but it is simple to use, cost-efficient, and offers many of the same features as Google Ads.

Because the Microsoft Network has lower search volumes, advertisers spend 20-30% less on their campaigns than they do on Google Ads. Finally, the average cost-per-click on Microsoft Ads is 70% lower than on Google Ads, making this platform a great option for cost-conscious advertisers.

Adding Microsoft Ads to your existing strategy is a great opportunity for your business! Don’t hesitate to contact EMSC today with any questions.


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