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Believe it or not, email is still our most preferred method of communication, especially for brand offers. More than half of consumers check their email over 10 times per day. Capitalize on this channel by adding Gmail ads in your marketing strategy.

What are Gmail Ads?

Gmail ads are paid ads that mimic a typical email format. The ads are displayed in the promotions and social tabs of specifically targeted email inboxes. It looks just like a regular email with a subject line and expands into a full message once clicked on. Google provides 4 different templates to create a personalized experience based on your company’s needs. Each template can be customized with your favorite content including images, videos and embedded forms. Possible conversions include driving traffic to your website, completing a form, clicking to call or downloading your app. Consumers can also engage with ordinary email functions by forwarding or saving the message for later use.

Why Gmail Ads?

Gmail ads have the same flexibility as traditional Google ads but can create a more personal relationship with your target consumers. Adding Gmail ads to your marketing strategy is a powerful way to connect with over 1.2 billion potential customers, directly in their email inbox. These customizable and interactive ads are effective for lead generation and remarketing. They are also compatible with mobile devices, reaching the 75 percent of Gmail users who access their email on the go. Plus, you will only be charged when someone opens your ad, instead of the number of views or engagements. The average consumer is already spending 2.5 hours a day checking their inbox, so why not disguise your ad as another email?

Gmail Ad Targeting

Gmail ads specialize in finding customers with high purchasing intent for your company’s product or service. These various targeting options ensure you’ll find the right audience for your message.

  • Customer Match – Allow Google to do all the hard work for you. Upload your previous online or offline customer data and Google will find others like them.
  • Demographics – Niche target based on gender, age, household income and other demographic information.
  • In-market Audiences – Reach customers who are actively searching for products or services within your related market.
  • Life Events – Find consumers experiencing key life moments such as marriage, college graduation or pregnancy.
  • Audience Keywords – Add specific keywords or phrases related to your business to target potential customers who have searched for the same terms.
  • Affinity Audiences – Target audiences that are interested in topics related to your business like “Health & Fitness,” “Children’s Clothes,” “Gluten-Free Snacks,” etc.
  • Remarketing – Find those who have previously engaged with your business. To use this function your list needs to have a minimum of 1,000 active visitors or users within the last 30 days.
  • Automated Audiences – Optimize your reach by appearing to those who may not typically find your ads with the same cost per person.

Are you interested in learning more about Gmail ads? Don’t hesitate to contact our team today!

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