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Local campaigns are used to drive store visits and more value from your physical business locations. Local campaigns help you to reach consumers across all of Google’s properties. It brings together the best of Google’s local ad formats and uses machine learning in order to drive store visit sand other location actions to your business locations at scale. Our team at EMSC will setup the budget, connect your business locations, add a value of what a store visit means to you, and provide ad creative – machine learning will do the rest. Local campaign ad creative is made up of one video (minimum of 10 seconds), at least one logo, at least one image, 5 descriptions, and 5 headlines.

Benefits Of Local Campaigns

  • Store-centric: Google Ads first-ever campaign type that is specifically designed to optimize for store visits. Local campaigns are meant to complement other omni-channel campaigns within the Google Ad account in order to optimize against online + offline goals together.
  • Fully automated solution: Optimizes using advanced machine learning models and a variety of signals based on historical data in the Google Ad account such as actual query, likely to visit, channel & device, ad creative, user intent, location, and distance to location.
  • Cross Google platform: Local campaigns show your ads across Search, Display, Maps, Business Profile pages and Youtube. IT also provides access to new ad inventory such as Maps promoted pins and local results on Search.

How Do Local Campaigns Work?

  • Store Visit KPI: Set store visit conversion as the primary metric to optimize your campaign.
  • Learning: During the first few days an equal start-up budget is allocated to each channel to monitor the store visit performance and determine which channel is driving the most store visits.
  • Optimizing: Machine learning is used to identify channel performance and patterns to optimize budget and maximize store visits.
  • Fine Tuning: Performance is continually monitored using advanced machine learning to make optimizations and tweaks


  • Verified Google My Business account
  • Campaign must be setup with a CID which is already eligible for store visit conversion
  • Minimum of 30-day campaign duration
  • Minimum CID budget minimum
  • Minimum of 10 physical locations
  • Store Visit conversion running and meeting minimum monthly conversion volume

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