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97% of consumers say online reviews influence their purchasing decision. Why not ensure that yours are positive?

Review Solicitation

In a world connected by technology and social networking, positive customer reviews are crucial for companies looking to generate sales. Recent studies show that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 72 percent of customers will take action only after reading a positive customer review. Numbers don’t lie; it is crucial for your business to foster a good reputation online.

What is Review Solicitation Software?

Your company’s online reputation can sometimes be out of your control. However, with review solicitation software, you’re able to generate, analyze and promote customer feedback.

This software, also known as reputation management software, allows you to actively engage with your customers’ reviews in one place. These programs include tools to monitor reviews, request feedback, conduct customer surveys, and manage customer interactions with your brand on social media networks.

Specifically, review solicitation software allows you to gain more reviews from your customers by asking for feedback through email, SMS, kiosks at business locations, through your website, and on your social channels. Seventy percent of customers are likely to leave a review when requested, and reputation management software gives your business the tools to do so seamlessly.

Benefits of Review Solicitation Software

In addition to generating sales through reviews, a steady flow of reviews can improve your SEO, making it easier for customers to find you.Finally, review solicitation software assists you in damage control with unhappy customers by immediately notifying you of negative reviews, allowing you to respond to the situation in a timely manner.

At EM Search Consulting, we can get your company set up with an affordable review solicitation software. Contact your Account Manager today!

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