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In 2019, the importance of site speed is at an all-time high. Google's latest Mobile-First ranking takes site speed into ranking consideration. A fast site creates a greater user experience and allows for more conversions.

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Instant results are something that is expected in the Information age. Optimizing a site to show content quickly is a major part of creating conversions and generating revenue. It’s no secret that users “bounce” from a slow site. Don’t let something as correctable as site speed be the reason you don’t connect with a user.

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There are many factors that affect site speed. Improperly sized images, inadequate hosting, excessive plugins, and general neglect of site maintenance to name a few. At EM Search Consulting, we go through a comprehensive list, identify the issues, and take the proper steps to find the solution.

Steps to Optimize Page Speed

  • Optimize images to reduce the size but keep image quality
  • Compress all files to decrease render time on all devices – also known as G-zip compression
  • Analyze hosting and migrating sites to a faster server if necessary
  • Utilize a high-end Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve up your site
  • Eliminating old plugins and add-ons that increase load time
  • Deferring unused CSS and “Lazy Loading” images.
  • Setting up a tag management system to decrease load time (Google Tag Manager)
  • Reduce redirects (The more times a page redirects, the longer it will take for site content to load)
  • Leverage browser caching

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