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How Can I Track Conversions?

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Adrian Trela discusses the importance of conversion tracking and how EM Search Consulting, A digital marketing company, can help your business make the most of every marketing dollar.


Hi, I’m Adrian Trela, I’m a Senior Digital Consultant at EM Search Consulting and I’m here to talk to you about conversion tracking. Rankings increases, website traffic, search impressions all this stuff is really great and wonderful but is really only valuable if it’s impacting your revenue in a positive way. That’s why at EM Search Consulting we offer fully transparent ROI based reporting that focuses on conversion tracking.

So the first thing that we need to do is establish or define what you consider a conversion. For some businesses, it could be phone calls, for other business it might be an online purchase for other businesses it could be an e-book download or an appointment booked online. Once we’ve established what is important to you, then we track those conversions through tools like Google Analytics, Google Ad, dedicated landing pages to each of your specific profit centers, or dedicated call tracking numbers. We’re able to see exactly what each segment of your marketing program is producing as far as conversions and leads.

If you would like to learn more about conversion tracking and how it can work for your business, please give us a call or set up a free consultation online and we’ll get you set up and we’ll figure out what is best for your business.

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