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Hi my name is Matt Makris and I am the co-founder of EM Search Consulting and today I am going to talk with you about, hosting.

The two biggest factors that stand out to us as SEO and marketing professionals is speed and security. Search engines, mainly Google have created complex ranking algorithms which decide where to place your site. These algorithms have become so advanced that they can determine whether your website provides a good experience for the user or a bad experience. One of the biggest user experience factors of a website is how fast does it load. How long do you have to make the person wait? If you are on a discount hosting platform like GoDaddy, or Blue Host, you are going to be much more susceptible to downtime and at the mercy of the hosting company to do maintenance, namely, there is no redundancy. With higher quality hosting platforms such as WP Engine, whom we’ve partnered with, your site will not go down unless human error is involved.

In terms of the system, they’ve got such a strong IT infrastructure and redundancies built in it is built for 99.9% uptime. The speed of your website does, in fact, affect the rank and the search engines. One of the big ranking factors with the big search engine such as Google is user experience and one of the biggest user experience factors is how fast a website loads. With a high-performance host, you’re going to see much faster load times and making more attractive to search engines to display your listing higher up in the rankings because it provides a much better user experience.

The other big benefit of hosting with higher quality, high-performance hosting platform is security. If your website is hacked it not only compromises your business but also compromises the customers that are visiting your site. A good hosting company will have security built into its platform to prevent most types of hacks. You won’t lose your domain, you won’t lose any of your site credibility if you switch, there’s really no risk involved with migrating your site. We do it every day. So, we can help you make the move, its quick and its painless, and it will pay dividends at the end of the day. Call us today to talk about making the move to a trusted platform.

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