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Brenna Koeneke, a copywriter from EM Search Consulting, explains how to improve SEO in Chicago by researching the right keywords. Contact EM Search Consulting today to improve your SEO rankings.


Hi, my name is Brenna, I’m a copywriter at EM Search Consulting, and I’m going to be talking about keywords.

SEO keywords are a way for your consumers to connect with their brand via a Google search so you can think of keywords as a way to speak the same language as what your customers are searching when they’re looking for a particular good or service on Google. In order to find the most relevant keywords for your business, it is important to conduct the necessary research to find how consumers are thinking and what they’re looking for when they’re searching for something on Google. This is where our account managers come into play, so we will spend a lot of time researching the right keywords that your consumers are looking for on Google, and from there we will implement those keywords into the content that we write. It is also important that the account managers check back on the keyword list to make sure that it is still relevant. That is also something that we will do every so often to make sure that the keywords are what they should be.

Once the account managers are done researching, they will pass along the keyword list to me and I will begin to incorporate it into blogs and to website content and this will help draw the right audience to your brand and to your website. It is also important that this keyword list is revisited on occasion as sometimes the keywords might shift in how relevant they are and that is something that our team will take care of behind the scenes. As content is written we will also optimize your keywords on the backend of the website to make sure that Google is flagging the right words, and the right searches and this will help with your SEO.

As you can imagine SEO is directly correlated to the overall success of your digital marketing strategy, so if you’re interested in learning more about keywords and how they can help your business contact our team today.

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