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What is PPC advertising in Chicago, IL? PPC Advertising are paid ads that show up in search engines. EM Search Consulting can set up your campaign and provide guidance to increase leads.


Hi, I’m Taylor Rascia, I’m the advertising team lead here at EM Search Consulting. I’m going to talk about pay per click advertising and how your business could benefit from it.

If you have used a search engine then you have definitely seen a PPC ad. Pay per click advertising also called PPC, is a form of digital advertising that allows your business to bid for top positions and search engines like Google or Bing. The beauty of PPC advertising its totally customizable to your business’s unique goals and target audience. Your business can deliver your unique sales message to those who are actively searching for your business products or services.

Say you are a local dentist practice, you would want to bid for keywords like ‘dentist near me’, ’emergency dentist’, ‘dental implants’. Pay per click advertising allows you to bid for the top positions on the search engine results page and pay each time your ad is clicked on.

Whether you are looking to target female parents, ages 30-40, who are actively looking for strollers, or you’re looking to target students who have graduated from college that are interested in doing a master’s program at an art school, the beauty of pay per click advertising is you can totally customize your strategy to target these unique audiences.

PPC campaigns are all measurable, flexible, accountable with insights available around the clock. Say for example your ads are targeting moms who are actively searching for strollers and you find that it’s actually dads who are looking for the strollers and purchasing them, you can tailor your strategy to reach out to dads and actively target them.

PPC delivers fast, tailored, measurable results. PPC management allows you to test different strategies, in different KW in a low-risk manner. AT EMSC we aim to generate high-quality leads at the lowest cost per conversion. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. Our team will help you set up your campaign properly, and give recommendations based on opportunities within your account. Call us today so we can get started on your pay per click campaign.

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