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Why is a Customized Strategy Important?

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Emma Wargolet discusses how EMSC customizes a digital program to fit the needs of your business and improve your SEO in Chicago.


Hi, I’m Emma Wargolet, I am the Digital Operations Lead here at EM Search Consulting and I am here to talk about the importance of a customized strategy.

One of the biggest benefits and one thing that I love about working at EM Search Consulting is that we have such a customizable strategy for all of our clients. Whether you have a very small account or a very large account at EM Search Consulting we work with a variety of industries from dentists to lawyers to the medical cannabis industry, lots of different industries and we understand that each industry is different as well as each client is different. With any of our clients, you get a dedicated account manager as well as your salesperson and our entire team is always here to help.

Whether it is looking at your keywords, your traffic, we’re always on top of the newest SEO trends as well as PPC trends to make sure that your account is really getting everything that it needs. We also offer a variety of services; we really encompass all of digital marketing. From SEO to PPC, to you know Facebook advertising we offer review programs, we do chat leads, we do all of these things to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is perfect for your company. Another great benefit of a customized strategy is that we’re able to look at your account as you continue with us. What you have for your strategy in the first month of your program is not necessarily what you will have in 14 months. That’s the best part about your dedicated account manager, is that we always make sure that we’re updating your account as it’s needed.

The benefit of choosing a smaller company like EM Search Consulting is that not only do we have the expertise that you need, but you actually get a much more customized strategy and more one on one time with your account manager as well as your salesperson. We send out weekly emails to make sure that you are aware of new products offered or new SEO techniques. Things like that One of the biggest benefits of having a customized strategy is when you look at competitors.

Ultimately, if you have a customized strategy and your competitor went to either some big box store that does a cut and dry program or isn’t doing digital marketing or is doing it in house rather poorly, that can be a huge game changer for your own business. Finding a customized strategy that works for you is a really difficult thing to do. EM Search Consulting prides itself on being able to pick out exactly what kind of strategy you need for your budget whether it is 1000 dollars or 10,000 dollars. Please reach out to EM Search Consulting today. We can give you a free SEO audit and discuss your options.

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