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Internal Linking Optimization

By now, we are all aware of the importance of content for SEO. But an important piece of the content puzzle is links. Google utilizes links to help determine what content on your website is related to one another and the value that this content brings to the reader. Internal links on your site are a way to develop a hierarchy on your site by linking more to important pages more often. The takeaway: the right internal linking strategy can help boost your SEO.


Google Crawling

Google’s Googlebot is responsible for crawling your website by following both internal and external links. Googlebot starts with your homepage and follows the first link. This helps Google establish the relationship between your pages. Because of this, it is important to set up an internal linking strategy, and your website’s menu should reflect this strategy as well. You can think of your website’s content importance like a pyramid; on top is your homepage followed by different sections or categories. Further down the pyramid should be individual posts and pages.

Types of Links to Include on Your Site

  • Contextual linking: link similar topics to one another to increase traffic and show Google and your users what topics are related
  • Navigational linking: The cornerstone content on your site should be linked via your homepage or top of the navigation.
  • Add links to popular or recent posts: This helps popular or recent posts to get an increase in traffic.

Go Forth & Link Your Content

Links = ranked content. Let our team at EM Search Consulting help you build an internal linking strategy to increase your chances of ranking on Google. Contact your account manager to see how we can help!

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