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18th May 2021

Micro-Moments: How to Win the “I Want It Now” Moments

Andy Francis

What are micro-moments in marketing? Micro-moments are intent-rich moments where consumers turn to their smartphones and Google Search in order to satisfy an instant want. […]

05th April 2021

Can TikTok Help Your Business?

Paige Rudd

If you haven’t heard of TikTok by now, it is an iOS and Android app that is used for creating and sharing short videos. This […]

22nd January 2021

How to Recognize a Phishing Scam

Emma Wargolet

We’ve all been there: mindlessly scrolling through our email only to see an unexpected message in your inbox. The subject may be something such as […]

15th December 2020

Different Types of YouTube Ads

Cole Rodby

By now, we all know that advertising on Youtube is an effective way to increase both brand awareness and reach. But did you know YouTube […]

marketing budget
25th November 2020

Determining a Smart Marketing Budget

Emma Wargolet

Business owners are often asking themselves how much to budget for marketing expenses. While the answer varies from business to business, there are a few […]

18th November 2020

Bid Like a Pro with Automated Bidding

Paige Rudd

Let’s discuss an innovation that your business needs to more effectively compete in the Google advertising race: automated bidding. What is Automated Bidding? Google’s automated […]

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