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Creating Ad Campaigns in a Variety of Languages

Engaging with your customers in their primary language helps to establish long term meaningful relationships. Writing content is an opportunity to show that you care about your customers’ needs. For example, a study from Facebook found that Hispanics in the United States feel more confident about a brand if the advertisement is in Spanish. Here are some best practices to consider when writing content in a different language:

Translate relevant content at the beginning.

When writing content for your ad campaigns, it is crucial to determine your target market, the context of your content, and the kind of content you would be writing. When it comes to translating content, we recommend prioritizing the content that highlights the services/products from your company. 

Avoid relying on Google Translate.

Google Translate and other machine learning translation tools are great when it comes to translating simple documents/manuscripts. We have encountered mistakes made by translation tools that don’t fully convey a company’s final message. At EMSC, we make sure that each translation that we make is precise and adequate. 

Understand your audience.

Words are only one part when it comes to translating content. In the end, the final goal is to aim to convey your brand’s services/products. Make sure that the translated campaign is adapted to fit cultural nuances and differences.

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