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Industry Conversion Rates: Are You Beating the Competition?

Do your digital marketing results stack up against the competition? Unbounce, a leading marketing company, used artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze over 64,000 lead generation pages with over 74,000 visitors. 

Their goal was to answer two very important questions: What is a good conversion rate and how can you achieve one? The results uncovered insights into what good digital marketing performance looks like and what makes users convert across 10 industries. Here are some of the most relevant stats from the report:

Credit & Lending Industries Businesses marketing in this space can expect some of the highest conversion rates of all the industries, according to the Unbounce report. If your Credit & Lending campaign has a conversion rate above 17.9%, you’re beating 90% of your competitors.

Health – This industry has some of the lowest overall conversion rates in this report. If you can get anything above a 9.3% conversion rate, you’re beating 90% of your competition. To increase your conversion rates, you should be as concise as you can on your landing pages, as there’s a consistent negative trend in conversion rates with longer pages. On average, pages with 750 words converted 30% fewer visitors than pages with 500 words.

Home Improvement – If you can get to a conversion rate of 11.7%, you are a top performer in this industry. Stay away from angry words and language on home improvement landing pages to try and improve conversion rates. Your customers might already be upset about something broken in their home, so try not to further upset them.

Legal – If you can get to a conversion rate of 7%, you’re doing well. If you can get over 11%, you’re a top performer. Contrary to the health industry, the legal industry saw a slight improvement in conversion rates when word count increased on landing pages, with 250 words as a sweet spot.

With this study, we can make meaningful comparisons between the results of our clients and their competitors. We compared these industry’s top 90th percentile conversion rates to EMSC’s aggregate conversion rates for our many PPC campaigns and this is what we found:

Average Conversion Rates by Industry

Our client’s conversion rates outperformed the industry’s top percentiles across all relevant industries. So, how is your digital marketing stacking up against the competition? If you are looking to improve your digital marketing conversion rates, contact EM Search Consulting today for a free digital consultation. 

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