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Twitter’s New Algorithmically Sorted Timeline

For many new users, Twitter feels like speaking into a black hole in outer space. New users typically do not have many followers, and tweets are greeted with silence. The unsorted reverse chronological feed makes joining the Twitter world a tough task for new users. Twitter users were picky about who to follow, not wanting to bury their favorite accounts tweets within their feed. This made it tough for for new Twitter users to accumulate a following.

Twitter believes its new algorithmically sorted timeline could solve its growth problem. It selects the most important tweets you might have missed since your previous Twitter visit, and inserts them in a section at the top of your feed. If you recall, in 2011, Facebook did this calling it the “return visit-aware”.

The new algorithmically sorted feed works just like you would interact with people in real life. If you run into someone you have not seen in a while, they are likely to tell you only the most important events in their life since the last time you saw them. Whereas if you ask someone you see on a daily basis how their life is, they are going to tell you what happened in their life on that particular day.  

The benefit to the new feed, is that you can see the best of your Twitter follower’s tweets, without getting a thumb workout scrolling through. This will result in a more entertaining and engaging feed, especially for those who are new to Twitter. If someone tweets during off-hours their tweets still have the chance to be heard. It also makes older users less worried about increasing their following for fear of missing out on tweets from their favorite accounts. The new algorithmically sorted timeline has the best interest of new and old Twitter users in mind.

Source: TechCrunch

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