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Google vs Bing Organic Rankings

Lately we have seen a lot of ranking discrepancies between Google and Bing so we have done some digging to attempt to give some insight as to why this might be the case. So what is the difference between Google and Bing’s organic rankings ? Below are some of the main findings we have uncovered by auditing all of our client sites as well as analyzing many other industry leaders in SEO.

  • Bing has seemingly been susceptible to link spam as of late. Unlike Google, it appears that Bing is giving a lot of importance to incoming anchor text  but after some of the recent Google updates this strategy does not appear to be a viable or intelligent one to improve rankings on Google for the long term.
  • Bing is valuing outgoing (external) links more than Google lately. Since Google rewards a natural looking back link profile filled with relevant content spread across various platforms the strategy of skyrocketing external links is not recommended as it will set back your site rankings for Google at the expense of increased ranking with Bing.

The major difference we have noticed is essentially that Bing’s anti-spam algorithms and filters are not as intelligent as Google’s at this time. It is our opinion that Bing must plug this hole in the near future or it could risk losing future market share to Google’s search results. Essentially, if Bing’s results are easy to manipulate with SPAM links we will soon see less and less relevant businesses and websites dominating their search results. If this happens we expect users to migrate back to Google or to other search engines with more real and relevant content.

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