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What Are Bumper Ads?

In today’s digital world, we are constantly bombarded with distractions such as emails, Instagram notifications, texts, alarms, or whatever alert is popping up on our phone screen at the moment. Due to the overwhelming amount of content in our lives, the average human attention span is at an all-time low of a mere 8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. 

For business owners, if you’re looking to advertise your brand to today’s consumers, it’s a good idea to keep the message quick and concise. One of the best ways to do this is through bumper ads, which are short video ads of less than 10 seconds in length. These ads, also known as “snack” ads, range between 6 and 10 seconds and are most prevalently seen on YouTube.

Why Create Bumper Ads? 

It may be difficult to communicate a message effectively in under 10 seconds. However, when done correctly, bumper ads can help advertisers place focus on the most important aspects of their campaigns. These short videos spark curiosity in consumers without interrupting their activities online. Compress your ideas, and be sure to include a call to action, and you’ll be able to get the leads you want in under 10 seconds.

How Much Do These Ads Cost? 

Similar to Google Ads and YouTube advertising platforms, bumper ads operate within a bidding pricing model. On YouTube, only cost-per-impression (CPM) pricing is available and you are charged per 1000 impressions. Like Google Ads, you can set a daily budget to ensure you don’t spend more than you want to. If you don’t fully understand these pricing models, our team at EMSC is here to help.

How Effective Can They Be?

Bumper ads are very effective because the message has often already been communicated by the time the viewer decides they want to skip the ad. In a recent study of 122 YouTube bumper ad campaigns, Google found that 70 percent drove brand awareness, with an average lift of 9 percent. Additionally, 90 percent of these campaigns increased ad recall, which is a measure of an ad’s effectiveness and memorability. 

Our team at EM Search Consulting can work with you to create bumper ads and improve your digital marketing efforts. Contact your Account Manager today!

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