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Why You Need Call Tracking

Compared to website leads, phone calls convert to revenue 10 – 15 times more often. Shouldn’t we know where these conversions are coming from? Call tracking allows businesses to take the guesswork out of lead attribution and learn more about what resonates with their audience. Call tracking software helps analyze specific digital marketing efforts that are motivating customers to pick up their phones and call your business.

Shape Your Future Marketing Strategy

A key part in determining future marketing strategy is understanding where your money needs to be spent. Through call tracking, you can compare the effectiveness of online digital efforts against offline ads. You’ll be able to obtain real-time results and determine which medium is the most effective in achieving results.

Firsthand Customer Feedback

By recording phone calls with your customers, you will be able to learn about the ins and outs of their experiences with your business. This is a valuable tool to help understand the type of customer service that your company utilizes and the direct interactions consumers have with your brand.

Annual calls to U.S. businesses from online paid advertising mediums have seen a 110% growth since 2014, totaling 162 billion mobile device calls yearly. In fact, digital ads, including search, display and social media, generated 80 billion calls in 2016 alone.

Speaking of calls: now is a great time to call your account manager if you don’t already have call tracking set up. Our team at EM Search Consulting is ready to help!  

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