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Call Tracking

Compared to website leads, phone calls convert to revenue 10-15 times more often. Shouldn't we know where these conversions are coming from?

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Call Tracking

We could all use a more complete picture of our data. You may be Google Analytics savvy, but have you considered the value of call tracking?

Phone call tracking allows businesses to take the guesswork out of attribution and learn more about what resonates with their audience. With call tracking software, you can analyze which digital marketing efforts are motivating customers to pick up the phone and give your business a ring.


Call tracking is a crucial tool in understanding the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and helping you shape your marketing strategy moving forward. By comparing online digital efforts and offline ads, businesses are able to understand which campaigns are driving valuable phone calls, and through which medium. This allows you to see authentic correlations between your marketing efforts and real-time results.

Call Recording

While it may seem obvious, call recording allows you to listen to your customers’ experiences firsthand. Businesses can then ascertain how effective their customer service or sales representatives are and determine where improvements are needed. The ability to analyze current tactics through call recordings makes the long-term goal of increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction that much easier.


Annual calls to U.S. businesses from online paid advertising mediums have seen a 110% growth since 2014, totaling 162 billion mobile device calls yearly. In fact, digital ads, including search, display and social media, generated 80 billion calls in 2016 alone. As digital advertising continues to shift its focus towards smartphones, it makes sense that the number of mobile calls is climbing so rapidly. Even if you’re tracking all of your activity online, you’re still missing out on valuable lead, attribution and conversion data without call tracking metrics.

The growth of phone inquiries has opened the door for marketers who are looking for new, information-rich resources to monitor their overall performance. If you’re interested in call tracking, EM Search Consulting is only a phone call away.


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