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The Many Benefits of Facebook Advertising

With 2.60 billion monthly active users, Facebook’s audience is hard for marketers to ignore. In March 2020 alone, Facebook reported 5.7 million new active users in the U.S., and the numbers continue to grow in both new users and usage time. Whether you’re searching for B2B or B2C leads, learn how you can use Facebook advertising to help grow your business.


Facebook ads specialize in finding unique targeted audiences. This platform offers an extensive list of targeting and retargeting options including locations, behaviors, interests, demographics, languages, and look-a-like audiences. Eliminate wasted ad spend by combining and layering these attributes to exclude those who aren’t in your target market.

Brand Awareness

Since 74% of Facebook’s monthly users are visiting the platform daily, running your ads over time allows your most preferred audience to view your campaign multiple times a week. Even if your potential customers aren’t interacting with your ads at first, repeated exposure builds trust and valuable brand awareness.

Custom Call-To-Action Options

In addition to allowing custom creative, Facebook has a variety of CTA buttons that allow you to guide your potential customers to take the correct action needed for your business. Select between Learn More, Download, Sign Up, Contact Us, and Apply Now in order to generate quality leads that make sense for your company.

Extensive Analytics

Facebook’s Ad Manager automatically generates robust analytics that makes it easy to assess the performance of your ads. View metrics like your weekly engagement, average cost per conversion, and impression share to determine how you rank against your competitors or what creative tweaks are needed.

Contact EMSC

With its many targeting options, extensive reach, and detailed analytics, Facebook advertising belongs as a compliment to your other digital marketing efforts. At EMSC, we have run numerous successful Facebook advertising campaigns, and we’re prepared to help you get started. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager today!

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