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Is it Time to Ramp Up Your Marketing?

Although many businesses may be experiencing some uncertainties in the short-term, one thing all business owners can and should do now is position themselves for a strong recovery. It’s no secret that the past few months have introduced plenty of questions for everyone; however, we all have an opportunity to take advantage of flat-footed competition and to gain market share. Here are a few things to consider as we head into the upcoming recovery period.

This is an opportunity to gain market share from your competitors.

At EMSC, we are able to track and analyze your competitors’ marketing strategies in order to thoughtfully execute a plan for gaining market share now, or upon your re-entering the market. Consider creating a plan with your Digital Strategist or Account Manager for putting yourself in a great position while your competitors are caught flat-footed.

Different digital advertising outlets are worth your time.

Trade show and event attendance is likely to decrease in the foreseeable future. However, one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to reach specific target audiences is directly in their social media feeds through LinkedIn, Facebook advertising, and Instagram advertising. These outlets have seen dramatic increases in usage throughout the past two months, with approximately 5,700,000 active users joining Facebook and 4,400,000 active users joining Instagram in the United States in March alone. 

Through social media advertising, we are able to generate a large volume of impressions at a low cost. Consider investing in social media advertising to alert your existing clients that you are accepting current or future appointments, consultations, etc.

Ramp Up Your Marketing

Website visibility is key, now more than ever.

With fewer in-person visits, a significant uptick in search volume, and a potential reduction in your competition’s marketing efforts, it’s crucial to get your website in the best possible position to be seen online. Whether you’ve been looking to create specific content or have any outstanding website updates you’d like to get moving forward with, now is the time. 

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