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Chicago Canine Academy

Dog Training and Day Care in Chicago

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Chicago Canine Academy is a full-service training, boarding, and daycare facility for dogs in the Chicagoland area. With over 25 years of experience, Chicago Canine Academy helps dogs become more obedient with weekly boot camps and daily classes.

Start date

June 2018



Google Ads Conversion Rate


Increase In Phone Calls

The Opportunity

Although Chicago Canine Academy was feeling at ease with their big-box advertising company, they saw an opportunity with EMSC to help them stand out even more from competing trainers in the area. The main goal for this client was to obtain leads for their most valuable service, which is a $2,000 boot camp for dogs. This is their largest profit center, with the second most important being dog training classes.

The Strategy - Google Ads, Landing Page Design

Chicago Canine Academy agreed to start with a Google Ads program with EMSC. Their previous advertising company had been running Google Ads, but EMSC saw many areas of improvement to increase leads. We decided to start a new Google Ads campaign from scratch. Collective research was done on competitors in the region and in Google Keyword Planner in order to create a new campaign focused on boot camps and training classes with all new ads. 2 custom landing pages were created for each profit center, with original content and clear call-to-actions to help guide consumers to convert.

After a successful launch of PPC with valuable leads, the owner agreed to continue PPC with EMSC, leave their previous advertising agency, build a website with our services, and start an SEO program. Below are their SEO & PPC results for month-over-month in November 2018.


MOM Results from November 2018:


Leads Attributed to Landing Pages


Google Ads Conversion Rate


Increase in Organic New Users

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