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Beware of Phishing Schemes

Many cybercriminals and scammers use phishing schemes, which involve email or text messages that trick you into giving them your personal information. In unprecedented times such as these, there are many hackers trying to leverage the hype and fear connected with the situation to try and steal your passwords and data. Lately, cybercriminals have been sending emails posing as the CDC and other health-related organizations. 

Here’s how to recognize phishing schemes, and what to do when you see one.

How to Recognize Phishing Schemes

Here are a few clues that can indicate the communication you are receiving is a phishing scam.

  • The email is not addressed to a recipient, but rather includes a generic greeting. 
  • The email contains simple grammatical errors. 
  • The message invites you to click on a link to update personal details.
  • The message makes lofty offers, or communicates information you do not believe to be true. Some current phishing schemes involve health cures and giveaways.

Here are some common examples of phishing emails.

  • They notify you there’s been suspicious activity or login attempts on your account
  • They claim there’s an issue with your account or payment information
  • They ask you to confirm personal information
  • They include a fake invoice
  • They say you’re eligible for a government refund
  • They offer a coupon for free stuff

What To Do when You Recognize a Phishing Scheme

If you suspect you’re receiving a phishing email, report the email and delete it. Do not click any links in the email, or use any attachments, as this can install harmful malware on your computer. If you have an account with the company, contact them through a phone number or email from their website that you know is real. 

*Important Google My Business COVID-19 Updates

Throughout the current COVID-19 situation, new Google My Business reviews, review replies, and new Q&A submissions may be temporarily unavailable. This change is in an effort to protect local businesses from misinformation and bad reviews, and also is a reaction to short staffing at the review moderation team at Google. Customers can still write new reviews, but they may not be published for a short time.

For those of our clients with review solicitation software through BirdEye – you should continue the normal process of review solicitation and review replying. Google is still accepting reviews, but there may be a delay in seeing them live.

For more information on these temporary changes, please contact EMSC for any questions or concerns.

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At all times, especially in the current situation we are in, be careful to only click on links from reputable sources. You can never be too careful! For more information on phishing scams, contact EMSC today.

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