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How to Recognize a Phishing Scam

We’ve all been there: mindlessly scrolling through our email only to see an unexpected message in your inbox. The subject may be something such as “Important! Your Password is About to Expire!” or “Restore Your Account.” In a panic, you may believe the phishing email is true and hand over your personal information.

This is referred to as a phishing scam.

What Are Phishing Scams?

Phishing scams are an attempt to gather your personal information such as bank account number, password, or even Social Security number. While these emails may seem legitimate, they are a huge privacy violation. They may come as an email or text message.
If you receive one of these emails, do not click on any links or attachments, as doing so can install malware that damages your computer.

Unfortunately, these emails trick more people than you’d think. According to the FBI, people lost $57 million to phishing schemes in one year alone.

What If You Suspect a Phishing Attempt?

First, determine if you know of the company and determine if you have an account with them. If the answer is no, this is likely a phishing scam. Make sure to report the email and simply delete it when you’re done.

If you indeed have an account with this organization, make sure to go to their website and contact them through an approved platform. Whatever you do, do not click on any links or open any email attachments.

If You Already Responded to a Phishing Email

Don’t panic. You can visit IdentityTheft.gov and follow their steps to file a report. You can also simply update your computer’s software to help eliminate any potentially harmful software.

When In Doubt, Don’t Respond

If there’s any doubt about whether the email is legit, don’t respond! You can always reach out to your Account Manager at EM Search Consulting if you have any hesitations.

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