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The Value of Link Building

There are often contradicting arguments about the importance of link building for SEO. Some will say that it’s an old practice and that Google is moving away from putting such importance on links, while others focus their entire SEO efforts on building links. The real answer is that the better-quality content you have on your site and the more useful the information is, the better your site will rank. If you build links strategically, your rankings will certainly benefit.

So, What Is Link Building?

Link building involves other sites linking back to your website. If a service of yours is listed on another website, or your company is mentioned, that website should simply link back to your site. This shows Google that your site is respected and trusted. It is important that the site from which your link is published is a reputable site. If links to your site are found on websites that have a bad reputation or are completely irrelevant to your business, you will want to disavow those links.

Link building is something we take care of at EMSC with your SEO program. If a well-established site links back to your site, this will improve your rankings. Again, it’s all about building a trustworthy and respectable online reputation.

How Do I Get Started?

A relatively easy place to get started is to have a blog on your website. Blogs are a great SEO tool. If you create relevant content, your blog link is more likely to be published on another site. Another great SEO tool is the infographic. These are fun, easy to read, and are full of relevant info. At EMSC, we create infographics, along with other off-page content, that contain links back to your website. Creating more backlinks helps to increase your rankings.
With your SEO program, there is a team at EMSC that is dedicated to building links and creating backlinks for your business. If you want to learn more, contact your Account Manager today!

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