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How Can A Chat Feature Improve My Website?

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Hello, this is Todd Carter, I am a Senior Digital Consultant here at EMSC. And today I am talking about chat leads.

Out in the field, I get asked a lot of times, do I really need chat leads and are they important in my site, and the answer is, yes. You should be using them and are they important? Yes, they are because for two main reasons one they improve the user experience if they are looking to contact you but not giving you a call, they have that option to reach out to you via chat lead. And also, it helps increase the conversions and sales on your site for all the new traffic that may be coming in. And that should be very important to your business. The great thing about these chat leads is that they only pay for relevant chat leads. Also, to be valid they have to leave their name and their contact information so can get back to them and they also have to be asking about a service that you provide. For instance, if you were a plumber, but they started talking about ‘can you come out and fix my furnace’, that would not be valid, and you would not pay for that chat.

I also get asked, who is doing the chatting? You probably thought about that yourself. We have two options here that is a chat lead services we give the options if you want to you can take it in house if you can provide the time and resources from an employee to actually sit and answer that chat live. And we also if you don’t do that, we have a chat servicer out of Austin Texas, where they will handle all the chats, and you ask how to do they do that if they don’t work in my company? Well, we have an evolving script that they use so we’ll give them your basic business information which is hours, address, what services you do provide and when, and as you people ask questions that they may not know, we supply that information once we talk with you to find out what that correct answer is, so over time these chats get smarter and smarter they become more efficient and eventually the best scenario, someone gives you a chat, and we do a call connect so the person chatting whether it is your employee or the person down in Austin Texas, they say did we answer your questions. May we connect you to the office right now assuming your business is open.

Thank you so much for stopping by the site today, we greatly appreciate it. We help folks get chat leads set up on their site every day. If you would like to do that please give us a call when you are done with this video.

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