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How Remarketing Services In Chicago Can Help Your Business Grow

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Taylor Rascia, the Advertising Team Lead at EM Search Consulting explains the benefits of remarketing in Chicago.


Hi, I’m Taylor, I’m the advertising team lead at EM Search Consulting and I’m going to talk about Google remarketing ads. Remarketing ads are a form of online advertising that allows your business to show targeted ads to those who have visited your site when they’re searching the web or browsing YouTube videos.

Remarketing is a super powerful tool that allows your business to stay at the top of customers minds and entice them to make a purchase or book a service with your company. Remarketing ads can be super targeted by showing on websites only relating to the topic of your business. Say for example you’re a dental practice, you would want your ads to show on websites relating to dentistry, health care, etc. Say for example you are a dental practice that offers Invisalign, and Susie is searching the web for dental practices in Chicago that offer Invisalign. She may check out your website among a bunch of other websites when browsing for pricing, hours, and years of experience. Your dental practice can follow Susie after she has visited your website and show remarketing ads promoting your Invisalign specials.

You can use your remarketing ads to target those who have visited only specific pages on your website. Say for example Susie’s visited an Invisalign page on your website, you would want to target her with Invisalign ads.

Our advertising team at EM Search Consulting will build a fully customized remarketing program for your business’s needs. We will do everything from placing codes, conversion set up, ad creation, landing page creation, full campaign optimization, and reporting.

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