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How Can Review or Reputation Management Software Help My Business?

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Learn more about the importance of review software and how it is helping SEO companies in Chicago!


Hello, my name is Scout, I am the SEO Lead here at EM Search Consulting and I am going to be talking a little bit about how to maintain your business’s online reputation.

As any business owner knows, online reviews are crucial to your business’s reputation online and acquiring new customers. EM Search Consulting offers a reputation management software that helps a business acquire more positive reviews online and manage and monitor the reviews that are already out there in real time.

To acquire new reviews, all you have to do is check in your client on a mobile or desktop device and EMSC will immediately send a review request to that client email inbox or phone text. At that point they can make a review that will be directly transferred to Facebook or Google or wherever else it may choose. We also aggregate all reviews from top sites so that business can manage their current existing reviews in one easy platform.

Within the reputation management dashboard, there are a lot of different tools. Businesses can set up alerts, they can respond to and share reviews, they can send mass review requests, campaigns, they can access full comprehensive reports and they can also add a widget to their website which dynamically and automatically updates when anyone leaves a positive review on a business listing. Boosting your online review profile is a strategy in reputation management, customer acquisition, but it also helps your organic rank.

Search engines will reward your increased online presence and all the new reviews to promote it across the web. In the case of Google My Business, the more reviews you have and the greater your rating, the more likely you are to rank for local queries about your local competitors.

Grow your online reputation, customer acquisition and organic visibility with EM Search Consulting. Contact your sales rep today to learn more about our Reputation Management software.

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