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What Are Featured Snippets?

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Hi, my name is Brenna I a copywriter at EMSC and today I am going to be talking about Featured Snippets.

In order to enhance your search experience Google has added more and more information to the results page. An example of this the Featured Snippets. Featured Snippets are simple text blocks that appear in the search results. the objective of a featured snippet is to easily provide the searcher for information on questions so the results can appear in a bulleted list, in a table, a graph, even a video. My goals as a copywriter are to write language that is clear and concise in order to appeal to Google’s algorithm and hopefully to produce content that ends up as a Featured Snippet. Featured Snippets are important because they increase the click-through rate to your site by as much as 6% so the more Featured Snippets that your site has, the higher traffic will be on your website.

If you are interested in increasing your content program to help increase your chance of having a Featured Snippet for your website, please contact our team today.

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