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Olin Erickson discusses why your local business should consider EM Search Consulting when looking for a Chicago SEO Company.


Olin Erickson from EM Search Consulting, I’m one of the Co-Founders of the company, our company was founded in 2012 based on the principals of trying to give small business owners, for the most part, a more customized digital marketing strategy.

Our agenda was to make the complicated digital marketing space a lot easier to follow for small business owners. We want to pride ourselves on having transparent results and very unbiased approach to what marketing strategies people should be taking advantage of. So, our Team of consultants will actually come out and have a good understanding of all the digital platforms that are available to you and then make intelligent recommendations of which ones you should take advantage of based on your specific industry and specific business goals.

Obviously, not all businesses are created equal, everybody has different goals and agendas. Everybody has different geographies they are trying to tackle and different problems they are going to face so our team of consultants and account managers really want to focus on helping you achieve those specific goals. Again, with our reporting being truly unbiased and very transparent, you’re able to see everything from an ROI standpoint first and then looking at the metrics you would consider to be important second.

A lot of feedback we’ve got from clients in the past prior to starting this company was really a cloudy landscape of what their reporting would entail, and not being ROI focused. So, when myself and Matt founded the company back in 2012, we founded it on the principle of having that transparency focusing on KPI that business owners find to be important for their specific needs and going from there.

We have a dedicated team of account managers that range from Search engine optimization to pay per click advertising strategists to a combination of both and social media managers so that your campaign will be in hands of somebody that understands the products and deliverables that you’re expected to be received.

Why EM Search Consulting? We have a truly unbiased approach to what marketing platforms you should be taking advantage of. Right now, we have over 150 satisfied clients and an extremely high retention rate. Our reports are extremely transparent and sent to you in a way that you will understand so you are seeing the metrics that you care about first. Again, we’re here locals so a lot of our clients are Chicago based, our team is Chicago based. Right now, we have 20 people here that are working in your best interests on a daily basis and we have dedicated people that do understand their craft. So, if you are interested in a free consultation with one of your local representatives, gives us a call today or click on the contact box below. And we’d be happy to come to see you in person or book a webinar.

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