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Why Is Call Tracking Important?

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Call tracking is a great data point to track progress for your search engine optimization in Chicago. Learn more about call tracking with EM Search Consulting.


Hi, my name is Jane Fleming, I’m an account manager here at EM Search Consulting and I’m going to talk to you about the benefits of call tracking for your business. So, at its simplest, call tracking is a way of recording the number of calls your business is getting and where each of those calls is coming from. This allows marketers and business owners to determine who many leads they are getting from their website, from organic searches, from ad campaigns they are running, or any other marketing strategies that their business is taking advantage of.

Call tracking typically implemented by posting a small snippet of code on the backend of your website, that swaps your business number for a tracking line. This tracking can also be integrated with different data metrics like Google Analytics, or Google Ads so you can report on calls in each associated platform. Call tracking also allows you to gain an additional insight on your potential customers like which business location they’re interested in visiting or scheduling an appointment at, or which specific keywords are driving the most calls.

Additionally, the call recording feature allows you to better qualify leads so you can spend more time with those that are most likely to convert. Whether calls are your businesses livelihood or part of your businesses that you are looking to grow, call tracking should be implemented into your marketing plan so you can make smarter business decisions and drive better results.

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