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4 Reasons Why You Need to Do SEO Right Now

  1.  Put quite simply:  SEO works.

This is a very point blank reason but it’s entirely true. As of right now, Google processes roughly three and a half billion (that’s billion, with a ‘B’) searches each and every day.  With those kinds of numbers, it’s tough to argue against that ranking in Google’s search results offers a valuable opportunity to get you more visitors to your website.

This is very important because an increase in traffic means an increase in opportunities for you to convert visitors into new sales for your company.

By investing in SEO and raising your rankings in Google you’ll send more traffic to your website which can generate to more leads and sales for your business.

  1. You make your business more credible with dominant organic rankings.

What do you do when you’re thinking about buying something?  If you’re like the most of the population is, the answer is, you research.  Most internet users look move past the paid ads and focus solely on organic search results. They know they’re being solicited to in the ads and bypass them.  If your business is ranking in a high position in the organic search results it pre-qualifies you as a top competitor and as a top option for them to consider during their research process.

Having high rankings also means that your website is rich with relevant content to the people searching for your products and services.  Relevant content means you have become a resource to people and Google enjoys placing expert resources of information atop the organic rankings.   High ranking positions build trust and authority for your website and deliver a positive impact on how visitors view your business before they even begin going through the pages of your site.

  1. Rankings can change quickly.

SEO is never static – it’s always changing.   This means that you need to be consistent with the work you perform.  You can’t just do it a lot for a month or two and hit auto-pilot; you must do it week in and week out.

And your competitors know this.  Just because you rank in a great position today doesn’t mean that you’ll stay there.  You need to keep investing in SEO to both defend your positions from competitors and to increase your rank if you aren’t already in dominant positions

  1. SEO is here to stay.

The days of grabbing the phone book and turning to the biggest double-truck ad are long gone and online search is now king and consistent and properly performed SEO is now the key to the castle.

Sure you can brand your name with traditional advertising mediums like t.v. or billboards but when potential customers enter the search phase of their buying cycle you need to be ranking in top positions to be competitive.

Not only is it here to stay, it’s growing.  With the advent of mobile search from phones and tablets, search keeps increasing it’s share of interactions with potential customers – which you need to be in front of first in dominant position.  Mobile search now makes up over 60% of all online search. Is your site optimized for mobile? It better be.

The thing that’s great about SEO is it’s not the biggest budget that wins.  It’s the SEO work that’s properly performed that makes all the difference with the search engines.  So what are you waiting for? Start investing in SEO today for the future of your business.

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