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Dialing-in Lead Attribution with Your CRM

CRM, or customer-relationship management, is the way in which your company manages interactions with both current and future customers. The goal of CRM is simple: to improve customer relationships.

In addition to CRM, lead attribution is another important facet of your business. Google defines the lead attribution model as “the rule, or set of rules, that determines how credit for sales and conversion is assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths.” This is the idea that sales are typically not directly linked to one source, so marketers are responsible for determining at point final conversions happened and adjust their budgets accordingly.

The Role of Form Submissions

It’s ideal to have your site’s form submissions go directly to your CRM. This allows you to track the lead source (organic, PPC, etc.) throughout the lead cycle and stop relying on manual input.

Through CRMs, you will also be able to track phone calls from the site and attribute a lead source to each call. This way, you’ll never have to wonder the marketing source or campaign from which your leads originally stemmed.

Thanks to the increasing amount of digital marketing tools and abilities at our fingertips, maximizing ROI has never been easier. Contact our team at EM Search Consulting to see how we can help improve your customer relationships.

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