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More About Responsive Search Ads

You may remember a newsletter from us a few months back that introduced responsive search ads, or you may already be aware of the responsive ad format based on conversations with your account manager. Responsive search ads provide a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of Google’s machine learning capabilities and have proven to be an effective advertising tool since they launched earlier this year.

If we are currently managing your Paid Advertising, your account has already been optimized with Responsive Search Ads. If not, here’s some information on what these ads can do for you.

How Do They Work?

Responsive search ads house 15 different headlines and four unique descriptions, which Google will then test different combinations of to change ad output for specific search queries based on many different factors. Over time, this testing will determine the best performing combinations for specific queries in order to improve efficiency and relevancy.

To illustrate how much time responsive search ads can save and the creative options that they offer, consider that there are 3,375 unique headline arrangements when selecting three from a group of 15. This does not account for the ad’s descriptions or the separate number of ways that headlines and descriptions can be arranged together!    

Google Responsive Search Ads

What Are the Benefits of Dynamic Ads?

The flexibility of these dynamic ads gives more personalization than a predetermined static search ad and helps an advertiser reach more potential customers because numerous ad combinations provide the opportunity to compete in more auctions as well as match more search queries. The expanded reach that responsive search ads attain can offer more chances for clicks and conversions that existing text ads cannot.

If you’d like to learn more about responsive search ads or provide additional input to your current responsive search ad setup, reach out to your EMSC Account Manager today!

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