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New Google Search Algorithm Update

Recently, Google updated their ranking algorithm that will have an impact on your pages’ ad rankings. As your digital marketing company in Chicago, EM Search Consulting is working to update our clients’ sites to ensure performance is maximized.

What are the Biggest Changes?

Google is now factoring mobile page speed and landing page performance into consideration when determining your page’s quality score. While Google has always used site speed as part of its ranking algorithm, in the past it was only focused on desktop searches. Now, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches as well. Keep in mind an ideal load time is 3 seconds or less.

Google will be analyzing data from Chrome to factor in user experience in terms of speed, for both mobile and desktop users. The Chrome User Experience Report provides user experience metrics for how real-word Chrome users experience popular sites. Mobile searches now account for more than half of web traffic, which is why Google has decided to include mobile speed in its new algorithm.

Who Does This Impact?

This update will impact both paid and organic positions on Google. Your site will only be penalized if it runs slowly compared to your competitors’ sites. With an updated and easy-to-navigate landing page, you will have a higher-quality score and page rank. Google has stated that this update will only impact a small percentage of queries and only impact pages that deliver the slowest experience to users.

If you have further questions or would like to discuss your site, don’t hesitate to contact our digital marketing company in Chicago.

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