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SEO For Dentists In Chicago

SEO for dentists in Chicago is something EM Search Consulting, Inc. has been doing for over three years. With our clients we have achieved huge increases in both traffic, leads and quality new patients. In this blog post we will go over some of the most important things to consider when trying to optimize your dental practice.

1) The first thing to consider is what you want to rank well for organically. Every dentist we have met with tells me they want to rank #1 on Google for “Chicago Dentist” or “Dentist in Chicago”. Although this is a great term and we have had success getting a high level of visibility for this search term it has not been as efficient as many other search terms for local dental practices. The reason is most people travel a relatively short distance to come in for a dental cleaning. We have found much greater conversion rates by focusing SEO terms on neighborhoods, zip codes, etc when optimizing for general dentistry and are able to track the new patient leads to prove it. With that said, Cosmetic Dentistry is a whole different ball game. When we do SEO for Cosmetic Dentists in a major city like Chicago we tend to focus more on the broad terms like “Invisalign”, “Dental Implants”, “top cosmetic dentist in Chicago”, etc as people traditionally are willing to travel more for such an expensive and well thought out treatment.

2) Does your site tell me why a new dental patient should chose you? If your site lacks call to action then all the organic traffic will not bring you any results. If your site is not up to par we can certainly design you a new one for a modest budget.

3) How is your reputation? Potential new patients want to see a great site and some positive reviews to validate that they should schedule an appointment with you. In any given neighborhood there are dozens of dentists so make sure your reputation is strong. If you don’t have Google + reviews you need to solicit them. For more on this topic visit my previous blog about Google + reviews. We also offer programs geared to generate positive reviews and shield you from potential negative ones (but if you do poor work it will come out and be written about all over the major review sites so do good work or suffer the consequences).

4) SEO will not save you. Don’t look at being #1 on Google as something that will take your practice to a whole new level. It will indeed help you and help generate more business but without a strong business, other marketing efforts and a great staff it will not save a failing practice. Make sure your internal people, process and product (Marus Lemonus is the man) are in place before focusing on killing it on Google. Once that is in place give us a call or email us f0r a free consultation and an unbiased analysis.

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