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Social Media Advertising with EMSC

The most compelling way to expand the reach of your business’ social media profiles and grow the number of people following them is to advertise directly on these platforms. When you make a Facebook post or send out a tweet on Twitter, the only people who may see these initially are the people who already follow or like your business’ page. Sure, it’s important to stay relevant with these people but if you are hoping to grow your audience or increase sales, paid advertising on social media is a great approach.

Where Do I Start?

The first place to start is by picking a platform. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and others all have advertising options – but putting the same ad on each of these can yield completely different results. Once you’ve identified a platform and some audience parameters, you’ll want to make sure you have ad creative that your target audience can identify with or that will encourage them to take action. Additionally, using videos instead of static images can increase engagement. Another benefit to paid advertising is that it will increase the worth of your organic social posts, as a result of more people clicking through to your profiles and choosing to follow your brand.

Monitoring Your Campaigns

Once up and running, closely monitoring campaign statistics and making tweaks when opportunities are identified is the key to ensuring that your campaign is providing you the most value for your money. For example, if you notice that your ad is being shown most often to people outside of your preferred age group, you’ll want to adjust your parameters. Unchecked, the campaign would continue to run this way, effectively reducing the value of your ad spend. 

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EM Search Consulting offers tailored social media campaigns designed to increase brand awareness and generate leads. To book a consultation, please contact your account manager today!

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