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The Benefits of Using Chat Software

Chat software is a great way to give site visitors an option to get in touch with a business and have their needs addressed immediately. Many potential customers may not want or be able to pick up the phone and call, but they also do not want to wait for a response to an email submission. Online chats are an ideal way to connect with these people.

AI Option for Chat Software

There are several options available to businesses that wish to provide this service to their site visitors. A newer, advanced option is AI Chat. This type of chat software uses artificial intelligence to imitate human interaction through text chats through a process of “natural language processing” which mimics human speech patterns to simulate a human tone in computer-human interactions.

Live Chat Option for Chat Software

A live chat option for chat software allows your website visitors to instant message with a chat rep and get immediate assistance. This is another great way for customers to reach you without having to pick up the phone. For this option, a representative is trained and prepared with the details of your business and is available around the clock to help your customers.

Using Chat Software

So – what are the benefits of using chat software?

  1. It’s cheap! Chat software doesn’t cost much more than a quality email provider, and typically allows your AI bots or team members to assist several visitors at once.
  2. It’s immediate. With proper notifications in place, an AI bot or your team member is able to respond to the customer’s questions or concerns at a moment’s notice.
  3. It’s effective. For simple FAQs and simple queries, AI bots and live chat reps are extremely effective at providing answers. 
  4. Discover customer pain points. Many customers are more likely to disclose their troubles with your products or services over chats than over the phone. Having the dialogue in chat allows you to go through the conversation history and learn about your customer’s experience.

At EM Search Consulting, we provide several chat solutions for our clients. The vast majority of our businesses prefer to utilize live chat reps, who are thoroughly trained on how to handle a particular business’s needs and how to respond appropriately to each situation. This has proven to be an extremely successful product that leads to increased conversions and customer satisfaction. To learn more about chat leads and how they can benefit you, please contact EMSC today.

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