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The Importance of a Quick, Modern and Responsive Website

Every second counts! Don’t let that brand new customer or new patient not give you a call because your website didn’t load fast enough or they couldn’t find what they needed on your site because it didn’t format properly on their mobile device.

Having a fast-loading and responsive website makes all the difference when aiming to make your site visitors take action and convert them into a phone call, email, chat lead or form submission.

What Is a Responsive Website?

Responsive website design gives your site the ability to expand/contract and place content appropriately on any sized device so that it may be consumed easily and quickly by site visitors. Responsive sites have a dynamic layout that adjusts to any size of screen so that navigation is made easy and provides a positive user experience from any device. Moreover, it achieves this with only one URL and one content source. Gone are the days where you needed different sized sites to match screen sizes; responsive sites deliver your site to every device from your single domain.

Optimizing for Mobile

They are especially effective for mobile devices. They include design elements such as readable text without requiring zoom, ample space to position tap target links and no horizontal scrolling. Ultimately your website needs to be easy to use from any mobile device so that users do not leave it to go to a competitor’s site – after all, they chose to click on your site first – don’t let them get away!

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