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Elements to Improve Landing Page Performance

Your landing page should be focused on the intent of the ad your visitors click on to view more information. The style and design of the landing page will vary depending on your business, but it should be implemented with the below elements in mind to help improve performance and ultimately lead visitors further down the sales funnel:

Capture Attention Above the Fold

You only have a moment to make an impression on a user. It is important that the content above the fold on both desktop and mobile view is simple yet captivating.  Users are likely to skim and only see the information they find most useful, so any key points should be highlighted at first glance. Your landing page should also give visitors an option to convert right away. This means it is important to include your call-to-action above the fold!

Long vs Short Landing Pages

The length of your landing page can easily lure or dismay visitors from making a conversion.  Some products and services perform well with short landing pages that are straight to the point, whereas others see higher conversion rates when thorough information is presented. According to a study at Brown University, there are two types of consumers: those who are motivated to convert (call, fill out a form, etc.) when given more information and those who are less motivated to convert when presented more information. It is important to understand what kind of consumer your average visitor is. If your landing page is not converting well, test the length and quantity of information. When editing the length, be sure to keep in mind that all content should be relatable and useful for the visitor.

Improving Quality Score

When your ad has a high Quality Score, your landing page is more likely to be visited by users. The overall landing page experience plays a big role when calculating your ad’s Quality Score. The definition of what constitutes a good landing page experience is a bit ambiguous and can vary from one page to another, but Google does provide the following guidelines:

  • Offers relevant, useful, and original content
  • Promotes transparency and fosters trustworthiness on your site
  • Makes mobile and computer navigation easy
  • Provides quick landing page loading time

Strategically created landing pages that follow these guidelines can offer higher ad ranks on SERPs and attract visitors that are more likely to convert.

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If you have questions about your landing pages or would like to get started with your next PPC campaign, contact our digital marketing agency in Chicago.  With our experience, reliability, and customizable strategy, your company can feel confident in our services. Call EM Search Consulting today for a free consultation!

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