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EMSC Goes to Google

On October 11-12, the EMSC team was able to go to the Google office in the West Loop of Chicago for an AdWords Bootcamp. Our team spent two days learning about new techniques in AdWords, best practices for our clients, mobile solutions, and much more. At EMSC, we are always looking to continue our education about digital marketing as a whole, and especially with tools that our clients continually use. Although our company is a Google Premier Partner, meaning that we are in the top 3% of all Google-certified agencies, we can always learn more about AdWords!

AdWords Bootcamp Agenda

With only two days to cover a lot of material, the agenda was packed. Fortunately, we didn’t have to delve into the basics of AdWords as all the attendees had at least a base knowledge of how to set up ads, budgeting, ad extensions, etc. This meant that we were able to discuss higher-level questions, such as attribution models, adjustments to ads, measuring successes, and more.

We began the first day with introductions, and then discussed the objectives of clients and the best ways to speak to clients that have zero knowledge of digital marketing versus ones that have managed their AdWords previously. From there, we went into measurements, reports, and were able to test our knowledge. The next day involved lots of information about mobile, which was hugely helpful to our team, as mobile can be elusive at times. After spending time with mobile, our team was able to work with the Display and Video network. Before the end of the Bootcamp, we were able to do an activity where we developed an entire campaign for Dumbledore University (and yes, our Harry Potter-inclined team members, Emma and Todd, certainly brought their knowledge).

How This Helps Our Clients

Although our company has clearly spent a great deal of time with AdWords and is in the top 3% of agencies, it is always going to be helpful to actually go to Google and speak to the experts themselves! Expanding our knowledge and brushing up on skills we aren’t always using is crucial to continue providing excellent service and conversions for our clients.

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