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How to Effectively Use Your YouTube Page

YouTube Is Powerful

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Users are viewing more than 180 million hours of video every day, and more people than ever are turning to YouTube to evaluate products or take a peek into an office to see what it is like beyond the website. Having a complete and active YouTube channel is vital to tap into this powerful platform. 

Video is a captivating and engaging medium for your audience, and now more than ever it is easy to create content and distribute it to your audience. Bringing your brand to life helps your audience understand your business on a more personal level. 

How Do I Get Started? 

First things first, you should view your YouTube as an extension of your website, and make sure the design of your YouTube page is in line with your brand. Your business name and logo should all be updated in addition to your banner image. Update all links and ‘about’ info so those who find your YouTube channel can easily find your website.

There are a million different ways to use video,  think about what your audience needs to know. A few examples of videos you should be creating are below: 

  • Newsletters / Vlogs
  • Videos to show off your team and office
  • New Product Launches
  • Explainer Videos
  • Tutorials or Educational Series 
  • FAQ Videos 
  • Event Recaps

The opportunities are endless, if you can dream it, you can make it into a video. In addition to these videos building out your online presence, embedding them on your website, or using them as YouTube ads can result in quality SEO scores and great leads.  The important thing is that video content is updated frequently. 

YouTube Channel Optimization

Let’s Do This!

EMSC offers video production services and is a Premier Google Partner in Video Advertising. Contact us today to start creating!

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