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Importance of Website Content

There are multiple things that have an effect on your website’s ability to rank well and be found for searches. This blog speaks to one of the most important components of successful SEO: website content.

Effective website content for SEO functions in two main ways:

  • Depth of content (the overall number of individual pages that live on your URL)
  • The quality of the information on each of your pages

To begin, it is far better to have individual pages dedicated to each service or product that your company provides as opposed to listing them all on a single ‘Services’ or ‘Products’ page.

Great ranking websites have divvied up each of their products/services/offerings and created a unique page for each item. Doing this provides clarity to Google about what your company does and allows for many opportunities to show Google why your website is the best option to rank in top positions.

Once all of the services/products/etc. have been given their own page on the site, they need to follow a few rules to be effective for SEO. The pages need to have original and informational copy relevant to the service or product’s single purpose. Each page’s copy should be around 400 words long with a mention of the product and service and geography around 4 – 5 times to achieve effective keyword density so that Google can learn what the purpose of that page is about…thereby making that webpage a great candidate to potentially be selected to rank in top position.

Each page is essentially stating the facts of the ideas/products/services your company provides so that Google can know what your website is about and what the purpose of each page is.  The more intelligently written and specific each page is, the more credit Google will give your site. With each individual page you create, you validate to Google that your site is a smarter and better answer to search queries related to what your company does.

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