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Impression Share: What is it?

Your impression share is the number of impressions that you have received divided by the estimated number of impressions that you were eligible to receive. Factors that impact your impression share include Quality Scores, ad rank, bids, approval status and settings.

What Can You Measure From Impression Share?

Impression Share Formula

Search impression share (SIS) is a metric that allows you to see how often your ad was shown for a relevant search. If you have a low search impression share, this means that you have an opportunity of increasing your leads by, in return, increasing your budget. If your SIS is saturating the majority of potential customers, you will need to expand your geography or increase your services in order to tap into more potential customers.

Why Is It Important?

Impression share points to the potential reach that a particular campaign has, but is also an indicator of the particular list of keywords that you are utilizing. High impression share points to a well-crafted keyword list. It can also help determine where you need to spend more money in areas that you are seeing missed opportunities.

Increasing Your Impression Share

Your impression share can be increased with a thoughtful strategy. You may need to adjust your budget. You may also need to work on bid adjustments and gauge how your performance improves from there.

Our team at EM Search Consulting can work with you and provide suggestions on how to utilize impression share as a key tool to improve your digital marketing efforts. Contact your account manager today!

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